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Whether your company is small, medium or large; routine or complex needs, our seasoned professionals and preferred clients work together as partners to deliver a full spectrum of the highest quality of well integrated business services that create sustainable solutions.


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DBS has a broad range of business services embedded in the following key categories: Business Ideation Lab, Business Development and Communication, Business Growth & Success, and Business Sustainability. To boost your company’s profitability is our goal, to minimize your company’s costs and maximize revenues is our task.



What We Do Best



We have the capacity, creativity and drive to give clients a ‘best fit’ solution to their business challenge. We also have strategic partners who have vast skill sets, knowledge, and experience in business related areas like digital marketing, legal, strategy, finance, project management and sales.



Who is DURIC?

Dedicated to building business relationships, facilitating, and coordinating the delivery of  integrated business solutions: business intelligence, marketing communications, supply chain: transportation & logistics systems, and providing inspired solutions that creatively improve business profits.

Our Vision

DBS is envisioned to be a “Touch Bearer” in building and sustaining business profits- a Profit Booster.

Our Mission

Providing well integrated business solutions, consistently impacting growth-oriented businesses globally.

How DURIC Can Help You & Your Organization

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Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting in business planning, sales and marketing strategy development and statistical services.


Provide instruction and coaching on successful business writing and training, how-to tutorials for business environments etc.

Organizational Dev

Organizational development and business management including but not limited to: developing business models, cases.

Training & Coaching

Give onsite and offsite business training, sales & marketing classes, startup coaching, facilitation and advisory.

Business Dealings

Generate and close new business deals for large companies that focus on market research, business intelligence and analytics.

Optimization Models

Provide optimization  model to businesses,and carter for the needs of the entrepreneur or business owner.

Database Systems

Comprehensive database development & management, transitioning from manual to automated system.

Supply Chain

Provide expertise in supply chain, transportation & logistics planning, business data mining, blended with accurate reporting.

What We Offer

DURIC Business Solutions (DBS) is an innovative, Toronto-based, family-owned company that creatively provides integrated solutions to business problems and challenges of individuals and companies both locally and internationally.DBS brings to the industry, the vast knowledge and over 60 years combined experience of its management team into the business of turning the lofty dreams of our valued clients’ into an invincible reality.
  • Supporting senior management in improving sales strategies and targets
  • Implementing preconceived sales development strategies
  • Managing pre-allocated budgets
  • Developing new sales relationships to increase business volume
  • Analyzing competent market activity and trends
  • Identifying and exploiting business opportunities
  • Bringing in new customers while retaining existing ones
Christiana Mbazigwe – CEO/President We would like you to leverage on the talented professionals in our company and our business networks to grow and expand your business. We have the expertise to help your company continue to grow and succeed. You can tap into her over 30+  years of successful work experience, as well as her strong and diverse educational backgrounds, knowledge and skill-sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a firm to help with your business needs, DBS is the premier source of information for you. See some of the most popular questions that we get asked about our business to the right. Browse our website and you can see that we are in the position to guide and direct you into making wise business decisions and investments. At DBS, our treasure trove of insight into the inner workings of business and commerce assist many from all walks of life to come into their own whether through entrepreneurship, running a business or excelling in their chosen career path. Whatever the case may be, DBS can answer any question or concern that may be running through your mind effectively.

What kind of clients do you work with?
DBS works with individuals, small businesses, charities, for-profit organizations and corporations. Our knowledge and expertise stretches into many different sectors and verticals. We can help your business, person or organization get the edge that it needs in today’s competitive times.
What is your track record?
Our CEO has over 40+ years working in various areas of business: from starting up businesses, business planning, organizational development and more, Christiana ensures that our clients receive the highest level of satisfaction as well as care and knowledge to help their cause. Our consultants and partners are the best in their various fields and bring a wealth of information to the table each and every time.
How can you help me?
Whatever your concern is in respect to business, DBS can and will help you overcome it. We are affiliated with partners in every area of business: accounting, law, R&D, software development, finance, consulting and so much more. With all of these services and solutions under one roof, you can rest assured that you are getting premium quality assistance with your business, startup, charity or person.

See What Our Clients Say About DURIC

Mariela Alvaez-Vargas | Director | Kids Bouleward Inc

My name is Mariela Alvarez-Vargas and I immigrated to Canada in 2009. I started a new business in children clothing in 2011 under CYBF program (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and as part of the program, I entered into Mentor-mentee relationship with Christiana Mbazigwe. During this mentorship relationship of 18 months, Christiana has provided me valuable advice and support in many areas such as setting-up business, product structuring, marketing products, improving profitability, work-life balance, managing expenses, increasing market competitiveness, etc. We have had more than 15 sessions of one-to-one meeting and numerous email exchanges and telephonic conversations. During this mentorship period, Christiana’s guidance and support have been highly insightful, valuable and helped me navigate successfully during those difficult months. Christiana has great knowledge of Canadian retail markets. She has access to various tools and resources (including network of people/agencies) that were very helpful to me and she was always available to help me.   I am very fortunate to have been mentored by Christiana and highly recommend her for opportunities in the field of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting in business areas.

Salman Hassan | Owner | Halal Gormet

We recently started our own business, Halal Gourmet, and had the distinct pleasure of attending the Microskills Business Workshop for Women, hosted by Christiana Mbazigew. Christiana has helped us develop a world-class business plan and we are proud to provide her this letter of recommendation. Christiana has been a terrific leader for our program, especially given the diverse makeup of our class, comprised of new-Canadians, new business women and women choosing to make a career change. We come from every corner of the globe with varying backgrounds, education, language skills and capabilities. But, she has helped all of us get the most from the program. She has been patient with those who needed help understanding the basics and she has worked closely with those who were ahead of the class to better themselves ensuring they learned without being bored by the pace. Christina is approachable, teaches with a sense of humour, and has a deep knowledge of the course curriculum. She is not afraid to share her life experiences, and definitely believes that sharing what you’ve learned is an important facet of teaching. The positive vibe in the classroom made it so much easier to learn and to apply what you had been taught. We are embarking on our new business. We know we will be successful because of the intense knowledge Christiana has provided us. And without hesitation, we recommend her to any organization, community group, learning facility, or college seeking a qualified, exciting,

Yvonne Osondu | Satisfied Client

Thank you for passing on your expertise in Business on to us these past months. You inspire me to look at my business in a critical yet open minded way. You have given me much information to approach the preparation and presentation of my business plan with courage rather than fear. I feel a sense of empowerment after your teaching. You have a lot of knowledge and you willingly pass this on enabling us to: see success on the horizon. I thank you for that. I learned many things from you over these past months and the teachings will stay with me. I am now able to pick up a journal or business book and view it with different eyes, thanks to you. Your insistence that we aim high, read (“a reader is a leader,” you told us), share information, embody tolerance and patience, inspire ourselves and each other, work hard, research, don’t be afraid of numbers, and most importantly plan for success, were messages reflected in your teaching. I took those words seriously as they were very useful. When we next meet I look forward to sharing the results of your teaching – my plan for my business to you so that you can bear witness to your teaching excellence.

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