Dedicated to building corporate business intelligence, marketing communications, supply chain, transportation & logistics systems, providing inspired solutions that creatively improve your profits.


DURIC Business Solutions (DBS) is an innovative, Toronto-based, family-owned company that provides integrated sustainable solutions to the business community locally and globally, impacting both individuals, small to large companies and communities. DBS is a growing company proactive in making complex business systems and processes simple to improve the value chain..

our-managementOur Management

DBS is managed by a dynamic team of business elites, coordinated and supervised by a visionary leader and creative thinker. Our work is supported by  a  network of enthusiastic, erudite, and seasoned professionals who are experts in their fields including; socio-economic analysis, corporate finance and work planning, online/digital  marketing, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and customer service, enabling us to deliver complete and integrated business and marketing solutions to more than satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.

DBS founders and female president has over 60 years of combined solid record of successful career in business ideation and development, economics, marketing research, quantitative and qualitative research, statistical services, project development & management, data analytics, transportation and logistics, and inland container trucking experience in both business-to-business and business-to-client in international and local markets.


DBS is a “Touch Bearer” and an emerging leader in the growth-oriented business sector in Canada and beyond.

Our Business Model

We leverage on our internal and external strengths, using cost-effective strategies and methods to speedily deliver the expected results, to create satisfied repeat clients, and gain business referrals to increase revenue and profits.

Our Strategy

DBS builds and advances its knowledge base, connections and collaborative efforts for success. We value developing strategic partnership relationships, contact and co-operation with you, and our ever-increasing networks of experts in making great impact to improve your bottom line. We help you interpret your dreams, build your vision, achieve your mission and tell your business success stories.

Our Philosophy

It takes combined effort to build a successful business, and deliver ultimate solutions to maximise the client’s experience. That business is a win-win game of numbers which you must learn to play according to the rules to win in the game.

Our Passion & Commitment

We are passionate about helping start up businesses become high growth companies, reviving ailing companies and supporting successful businesses to sustain and continue to increase their profitability. Business success is the essence of our business. DBS is committed to providing you the best quality business services to achieve uncommon growth and success. .

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering great customer experience while empowering you to create, enjoy and use wealth, and teaching you to boost your business profits. We are passionate about discharging our duties with honesty, respect and trust which our valuable customers deserve.

Our Specialty

DBS specializes in business & entrepreneurship development, business training, coaching  & consulting, marketing research, business planning, business analytics, blended with accurate interpretation and reporting of the message behind the business numbers, to give strategic insight and foresight to our valued clients.