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This is the special place to know more about our business community, affiliations, and networks, in addition to  updates and announcements from DBS. It’s a  learning and sharing portal where members can easily read posts and share their thoughts to contribute to knowledge to grow their business.



”Every business and business owner [or entrepreneur] has a unique story—let’s hear it!”. Sign-up and boldly introduce yourself. Life is full of stories from experiences, whether interesting or unpleasant. There’s a lesson to learn from every story. Share your unique story in business and life.

Help Center

Helping business achieve their sustainable growth goals using our expertise, systems and processes, making client’s dream a reality.

Helping businesses develop, evaluate and deliver business and marketing strategies and tactics, build and communicate their unique brands, and create exciting memorable customer experience through properly articulated and integrated systems, processes and capabilities.



Financing your business should be fun, and not frustrating. Get expert advice on how to manage cash flow, budgets, taxes, and lending from fellow business owners and experienced entrepreneurs in the fields. Learn strategies to save costs and increase revenue and profit.


Managing a business can be a daunting task. Connect with others about everything you need to know; from (A-Z)- idea management to cash flow to team work to leadership and so on.


Drop-by for wise advice on how to create a conducive and friendly business environment and innovative culture that work best for your particular business. Learn business management for free.


Effective marketing is the life-blood of business. Begin here to get advice on how to acquire and retain customers through the various traditional and modern marketing techniques, tactics and strategies.

Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the most cost effective ways to create awareness of our brand. Learn how to use this unpopular strategy from experts and fellow other business owners to explore its workability  in generating valuable customers.

Sales and Leads

Any business without sales will shortly fail. A regular leads funnel is essential to the success of your business. Developing a sales pipeline with qualified leads to turn to good paying customers is crucial for success. Get tips and tactics on how to use news and social media, networking, word of mouth, campaigns, and loyalty programs to acquire more leads and turn them into prospects and into new customers( sales or accounts).


Manage the flow of things in your business in order to meet requirements of your customers. You need tips and strategies to efficiently handle your business logistics. It includes both inbound and outbound product movements, and is a larger component of the value chain. Get help to reduce costs and optimize supply chains, logistics, freight transportation & warehouse, to achieve optimum demand-service level at minimal cost

Digital Marketing


Need advice on the latest SEO  trends, strategies and tactics? Check out this board for helpful tips and knowledge.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Have articles to share, then take your content marketing and social media marketing to a whole new level with specific advice and support  from fellow community members.

Website/Blog Feedback

Your website or blog can be a powerful marketing tool. Maximize its potentials and returns on your investment with feedback from the community.

Support Network

Have product or service support questions? Need help with your DBS profile? Visit here any time you need an answer to your concern or question. Network with the best and brightest business and marketing people.

Community Think-Tank & Suggestions

Let’s know what you think to help us improve on what we’re doing to give our preferred customers an unmatched great partner’s experience. We encourage freedom and self-expression in this community.

General Discussion

Have a really mind-bugging question, but not sure where to post it? Post it here and we’ll send it to the proper forum to continue the discussion.


Did you know DBS will be organizing and  hosting online events? Find out details and continue the discussion here.


We provide free mentoring relationship for our community members. This is a service worth $500 in monetary value.

Career progression through life-long learning cannot be overlooked as it will help you grow and sustain your business long term. Need help to conquer GMAT to gain admission into one of the best business Schools in the world? Come here and get solutions to your GMAT problems and business school selection. We will refer you to the best place to get the best value for your money you paid for GMAT preparation. Leverage this forum to post your challenge and get a quick response with the correct answer. Keep on studying and learning in business to show yourself a well rounded business owner/entrepreneur, always approved by your clients and stakeholders.