At DURIC we provide you with business solutions that cover a vast scope. Our consultants are able to pinpoint problem areas and create winning strategies that bring your vision to life for your organization.

Our expertise is in the four key areas of service:

  • Business Idea Generation
  • Evaluation & Protection (The Business Idea Lab)
  • Business Research, Development & Communication, Business Growth and Success Planning
  • and Business Sustainability Management

hk-businessUnderstanding our client’s challenges and problems is important before we can determine the right solution for our clients and devise a mix of product and services to proffer an effective and sustainable solution. We focus on developing, building, marketing and delivering integrated, real solutions to our valued customers to solve their business  problems. Based on your problem, we work with you to develop and implement a solution plan to achieve your set goals. Our solutions are designed and delivered to produce positive business outcomes that can be measured and calculated against a predetermined goal set by us and the client. The  solutions process involve:

Building Growth-Oriented Businesses for Our Clients

Problem Analysis

The Mix: Products and Services

Goal Setting

Problem Analysis

Design Thinking

Delivery Model