We’re living and operating in an information-driven age. Information plays a fundamental role in our lives and business. What then is information? Information is what allows us to confidently make an intelligent selection or choice from a given set of alternatives. Information is a tool for exploration and adventure. Information has no form.

It’s we humans that have given form to information by drawing a diagram, saying something we have in mind, physically identifying something or acting out information. These are ways we communicate information. Information can be in word or text, story, bits, codes, number (figure), facts, pictures/images, gesture or diagram, sound  bytes, video and animation. Information carries a message in it that need to be communicated. Information is a perceived difference that makes a difference, and creates knowledge.

Information is aimed to increase knowledge. A form or meaning can arise from information leading to knowledge. Giving information a meaning is very important. Facts rule data and need interpretation. ” Information can be quantitative or qualitative. “Information is meaningless without interpretation”.